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Design & Manufacturing Services

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Electronic Industrial Design & Manufacturing Services

Romteck offers a comprehensive design service including all aspects of research and development, industrial design, and turnkey design and development solutions.

Whether for a ‘one-off’ prototype or a production run Romteck will design and develop to your specification, or undertake guided research to meet a particular objective. Our experience and in-house capabilities achieve lower overheads, minimise risk throughout the design and product lifecycle, and ensure a responsive and accountable service that is customer-centric. Our design expertise is complemented by in-house electronic manufacturing facilities.

Romteck’s manufacturing capability enables us to competently manage a range of electronic manufacturing projects, maintaining a high quality standard and using the latest test and verification system to ensure high production yields.

While mainly used to manufacture our own extensive produce lines, we provide cost effective services for companies that require low through to high volume production.

Research & Development

Romteck provides a range of technical consulting and development expertise centred around our customers’ specific needs, ensuring products are engineered and developed for success.

Research and development services ranging from proof of concept through to manufacture and marketing are able to be catered for. Software systems, Geographical Information Systems and Graphical User Interfaces are developed to allow simple, intuitive solutions for customers and cover a wide range of technology areas from CDROM, public safety and expert systems through to communications and industrial control and automation systems. Romteck can also assist with feasibility studies, market research and patent and IP searches.

Romteck’s research and development staff includes specialists in high level software engineering applied in firmware and software solutions. Where necessary, our in-house capabilities are enhanced by strategic alliances with university research centres and other high technology companies with complementary capabilities.

Industrial Design

Romteck’s design team has the right combination of creative and technical expertise to deliver outstanding design solutions. Our experienced team adds value to the product development process and achieves cost effective outcomes. From usability and ergonomics to aesthetics, and achieving a successful product in your market, our proven ability to deliver gives our customers confidence in the design process and reduces risk in the product development lifecycle.

We maintain a stakeholder-centric approach to ensure we conceive products that will succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, and that we approach your project as a true design partner, not just a design bureau. From concepts and visualisations, to prototyping, electronics design, data, cabling and compliance testing, Romteck is your design partner of choice.

Turnkey Design & Development

From concept to completion, we have the capability to conceive and deliver products that will succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. Our suite of services cover all the elements needed for developing integrated and engineered new-product solutions. These services, coupled with our focus on the process of development, means we can take your product from concept through industrial design, detail engineering, prototyping and on into production start-up, utilising our own in-house manufacturing facilities where required.

Romteck’s combination of knowledge, means and flexibility gives us a unique ability to deliver outstanding outcomes for our customers. We employ a dedicated, experienced team that apply proven approaches for design development. And we are happy to provide flexible arrangements towards achieving your goal. As well as the traditional fee for service model, we are also happy to work with you on a co-operative basis, subject to negotiation, to develop products with a qualified market.

ISO-Accredited Compliance Testing

One of the most important aspects of the design process is testing to ensure compliance with relevant standards or legislation.

Romteck maintains its own ISO 9001 certified test and production facility that enables us to provide cost effective services for low through to high volume production. Our facilities complement our comprehensive electrical industrial design capability and experience.

Let our team take responsibility for compliance testing to ensure your product meets all relevant criteria and can be a success.

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