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Heat Stress Monitor

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The Romteck Heat Stress Monitor is a portable environmental monitoring tool that provides information to help safety officers evaluate the safety of work locations. It is an essential tool for safety teams and is designed to be a convenient solution to the productivity and health risks posed by heat and humidity. As with all of Romteck's products, they have been designed and delivered by an expert team, with years of industry experience.

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The monitor is suited to a range of industries where personnel are required to operate in hot environments, including mining, oil and gas, industrial, agriculture, military combat and training exercises and endurance sports. It evaluates a range of environmental conditions including temperature, humidity and air flow, providing the data to help safety teams assess the safety of the environment and the effectiveness of clothing and hydration practices.

The Heat Stress Monitor can additionally be used to measure environmental parameters in industrial and commercial buildings, where thermal stress balance is a priority, or by health inspectors to assess for compliance with local health regulations.

Measurements Based on Recognised Best Practice

Romteck’s Heat Stress Monitor adopts recognised best practice to give safety teams the most reliable data available. The Heat Stress Monitor produces two sets of results based on two internationally recognised algorithms:

  • The Heat Strain Model algorithm, which is based on the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature and the Air Cooling Power, recommended by the industry standard ISO 7243 for assessing the level of heat stress within a given environment.

  • The Thermal Work Limit algorithm developed by Dr G. Bates, which produces a rating of the measured environment.

Designed and Delivered By An Expert Team

With a strong focus on occupational health and safety, the Heat Stress Monitor was designed by Romteck’s safety experts to address a growing need for more accurate safety data.

For more information on the Heat Stress Monitor, including specifications and how it can be deployed within your organisation, contact Romteck using the form below. 

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