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Fitness for Work Assessment Tool

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Romteck’s proprietary OHS assessment tool, OSPAT (‘Occupational Safety Performance Assessment Technology’) is a non-invasive, 60-second test to determine whether an employee is fit for work, taking into account a complete range of factors beyond simply drugs and alcohol.

OSPAT ensures all people entering the workplace are fit for work and unlikely to present a risk to themselves or others. The system is ideal for a range of workplaces, and especially suited those involving high risk and hazardous work.

OSPAT is designed to be the first checkpoint for employees at the commencement of a working shift, with a dedicated terminal acting as an interface, which can also be integrated with security access systems.

OSPAT was painstakingly designed by Romteck's safety experts to specifically meet the requirements of high risk industries.


Testing More Than Drugs & Alcohol

Up until now, no single test has identified all the likely causes of what will impair the ability of someone to work safely. Some tests only focus on drugs and alcohol, however performance can be affected by a range of other factors including fatigue, stress, illness and psychological issues, which are more difficult to test. OSPAT is the ground-breaking solution to this problem.

OSPAT uses a 60-second hand-eye coordination procedure on a dedicated terminal as the basis for testing. An initial test establishes a personal profile for each employee, while subsequent assessment results are compared against that benchmark profile, to determine if current performance is outside predetermined limits.

The OSPAT test is scientifically based and verified as an effective tool to determine an individual’s impairment, whether that be caused by drugs, alcohol or an array of emotional, social and physiological causes.

OSPAT In Action - Case Study

Romteck’s OSPAT system has been commissioned for a range of companies operating in high risk industries where safety is paramount.


In 2011, Koniambo Nickel took a proactive, preventative approach towards health and safety and put OSPAT into operations to detect worker impairment and better monitor fatigue.


Read more about the successful implementation by clicking on this link.

More Information On OSPAT

For more information, including a range of case studies, visit our dedicated product website at For a discussion on how OSPAT can be integrated into your workplace, and the benefits of doing so, contact us below.

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