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Airservices Australia

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“Romteck’s monitoring systems are now installed in all Metropolitan and Regional Airports across Australia.”

- Alan Hutchinson, Airservices Australia, Senior Project Manager

Fire Alarm Monitoring - Case Study

Romteck's Alarm Signalling Equipment meets the stringent requirements of Airservices Australia’s national operations

If ever there was an example of a mission critical application of the IoT, it is fire alarm monitoring. Not only must alarms be received by the relevant fire service or monitoring centre with the minimum of latency, but the system must be highly reliable. It is truly a life-saving application.

Airservices Australia is an Australian Commonwealth corporation, providing air navigation and aviation rescue fire-fighting services to the aviation industry. Airservices provides air navigation services across 11 percent of the world’s airspace, managing more than four million aircraft movements carrying over 90 million passengers per year.

The Requirement

Reinforcing their ongoing commitment to an impressive safety record, in 2011 Airservices Australia recognised a need to upgrade their fire monitoring services across every major Australian airport.

The systems needed to meet a stringent set of criteria, including systems reliability of 99.95% and conforming to the Australian Standards for Fire Alarm Monitoring (AS4418.2 and AS1670.3) and the requirement of AS4428.6, for Alarm Signalling Equipment.

The Romteck Solution

Romteck Australia’s ASE incorporates a dual redundancy communications path to ensure the stringent reliability requirements of our customers are exceeded. Communications options include internet, cellular radio, optical fibre, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VHF/UHF/Microwave radios and public telephone networks.

The integrity of the primary and secondary communications medium is verified periodically, typically every 20 seconds, in order to ensure that this critical data can be delivered promptly and with the utmost reliability.

For Air Services Australia it was the ideal solution, according to Alan Hutchinson, Senior Project Manager, Airservices Australia.

“Romteck’s monitoring systems are now installed in all Metropolitan and Regional Airports across Australia. Given the success of the Romteck IoT services, Airservices have increased the scope of this major mission critical IoT installation to include monitoring of essential navigation aids including NDBs, VORs, DMEs, DVORs and ILSs. Over the next 18 months the system will be progressively rolled out to Metropolitan and Regional Airports Australia wide.”

The Impact

Romteck’s ASE has further been utilised by a range of major Australian authorities and private companies, further establishing and proving the technology within a wide range of environments. Current Romteck ASE customers include:

  • The South Australian and Tasmanian Fire services also selected Romteck ASEs as the basis of their State Wide Fire monitoring system.

  • Fiji’s National Fire Authority to provide efficient and effective Fire Monitoring for the entire country.

  • Grid Security’s fire monitoring arm monitors some ten thousand fire systems over a geographic area of a million square kilometres. These alarms are monitored on behalf of the New South Wales, ACT and Victoria Fire Services.

  • A large number of customers in the resources sector undertaking mining, exploration and process control operations.

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