Romteck’s state of the art fuel management system provides solutions to securely track fuel distribution, from bulk delivery through to individual vehicles and equipment.

Romteck has been delivering National Measurement Institute (NMI) approved fuel management solutions since 2000. Our rugged hardware and client/server software solutions operate in some of the world’s harshest environments, with systems ranging from standalone cloud based tank level monitoring, through to fully integrated enterprise fuel management solutions.

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Achieving Cost Savings

Fuel management systems can deliver significant cost savings through effective processes that secure stock, manage use and control distribution. Romteck’s fuel management system tracks fuel from initial delivery through internal transfers to dispensing, and provides comprehensive process reporting. Savings are delivered through:

  • Enabling tracking of users and vehicles from supply through to equipment
  • Eliminating pilferage and allowing better inventory control
  • Providing leak detection
  • Saving administration time collating reports for tax rebates or internal cost allocations.

Fuel Management System flow

Delivering Benefits to Organisational Users

Romteck’s fuel management system achieves a host of benefits for our customers working within a range of environments:

  • Monitor usage: Monitors normal fuel issue. Detects illegal flows and trickle flows (hose or pipe leakage)
  • Report usage: Provides reports on fuel usage by site, vehicle, equipment class or specific vehicles. Provides the ability to view and print numerous reports and graphs including tank balances, user and vehicle usage, odometer discrepancies and cost centres.
  • Manage rebates: Fuel rebate issues are able to be confirmed at the fuel management system console by the user and are reported as separate items to allow easy compliance reporting
  • Manage tank transfers: can be performed automatically with quantity as well as high and low level sensing
  • Manage multiple fuel types: Vehicles can be multi-fuel (eg unleaded and gas) or can be a refuelling and service vehicle drawing several differing products
  • Manage security: Fuel management system consoles can be configured to ask for all or any of User ID, PIN number, Security Tag, Vehicle ID, Vehicle Tag, Odometer, Engine Run Hours, Service Status, Fuel Rebate Use Confirmation.

Fuel Management Case Study

Romteck’s fuel management systems are used by organisations seeking greater control and security for fuel use. Read the Romteck fuel management system case study.

Designed and Delivered by an Expert Team

Romteck’s fuel management system has been developed by our in-house team of experts who have utilised their own experience working within hazardous environments across a range of industries. Learn more about the Romteck team.

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