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Romteck is an Australian company having a strong background in technical developments. The company employs highly qualified and experienced electronic, software and marketing engineers complemented with electronic production and installation specialists.

This combination ensures solutions can be determined in consultation with clients, manufactured and tested in our own facilities, and installed by our specialist engineering staff. This total service approach enhances client confidence and guarantees product integrity. Romteck undertakes design, development and manufacture for a number of affiliated companies.

August 3rd 2012:

New FMS SQL Database Software release - available. Please contact your nearest Romteck agent for a quote to upgrade.

Jan 12th 2012:

New Fire panel product - available.

Dec 6th 2011:

A new asset tracking product called "Where's Y're Bin" has been released. This is a Skip Bin locator and management System - now available.

Nov 10th 2011:

New Fuel Management "Totaliser Panel" product, released - now available.