Electronic Manufacturing Services

Romteck’s manufacturing capability enables us to competently manage a range of electronic manufacturing projects, maintaining a high quality standard and using the latest test and verification system to ensure high production yields.

While mainly used to manufacture our own extensive produce lines, we provide cost effective services for companies that require low through to high volume production.

ISO-Accredited Compliance Testing

Romteck’s ISO 9001 certified test and production facility in Osborne Park, Western Australia, gives us the ability to cost effectively undertake compliance testing for our own manufactured products as well as those of customers. Let the Romteck team undertake compliance testing to ensure your product meets all relevant criteria.


An Experienced Team

Romteck’s team comprises highly qualified and experienced electronic and software engineers complemented with electronic production and installation specialists. Learn more about the Romteck team.

Contact Romteck for Manufacturing Solutions

With in-house manufacturing facilities, test and production facilities and a proven ability to maintain high quality standards, Romteck is a an electronic manufacturing partner of choice. To learn more about manufacturing services, contact Romteck today.