Romteck runs hot in race for UAE’s fire monitoring system

March 18, 2018

UAE Alarm Transmission Equipment

Osborne Park-based Romteck Australia has beaten major international competition to provide the fire monitoring system for the prestigious United Arab Emirates ‘Hassantuk’ building safety and security project.

The Hassantuk (Arabic for ‘protect you’) project is overseen by the UAE’s Civil Defence Department and will run for five years. When completed, the system will provide real-time monitoring of some 200,000 buildings across the seven emirates.

Verified fire and emergency related alerts will be responded to within milliseconds, ensuring buildings are protected 24-hours a day, every day.

Romteck Managing Director, Steve Merralls said the electronics company has been providing monitoring systems to fire services across Australia for over 30 years.

“Our technology currently monitors over 30,000 buildings, including hospitals, government buildings and airports, across Australia. It’s a great honour to be selected for such a major overseas project,” he added.

Romteck Technical Director, Phil Harman, said: “This has been a David and Goliath exercise for us, as we competed with some of the largest and best-known electronic companies in the world.”

“Being relatively small and nimble, Romteck was able to respond rapidly to changes in requirements and add innovative new features much faster than the larger companies. We also were able to quickly provide a ‘proof of concept’ by demonstrating we could monitor buildings in the UAE from Australia and send the results to the monitoring centre in Dubai in a fraction of a second,” he explained.

For the Hassantuk project, Romteck has partnered with UAE-based company SIBCA Electronics, who will carry out the installation. “Sibca has been providing fire system installation and servicing services for many years and covers the entire UAE. By partnering in this way, Romteck can concentrate on manufacturing the equipment in Perth,“ explained Mr Merralls.

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