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Be alerted when your assets are at risk with
Romteck’s temperature monitoring system.

  • Are you a restaurant owner who uses a fridge to store valuable stock?
  • Do you use cold storage facilities to store perishable items?
  • Are you in the medical field and rely on fridges to store samples?
  • Do you need to keep environments at a specific temperature?

If so, a power shortage or fridge failure could
cost you thousands of dollars.


Our monitoring system gives you peace of mind that your assets are safely stored. With Romteck’s temperature sensors you’ll be able to:

  • Flexibly set thresholds for alerts
    and alarms
  • Benefit from automatically
    generated temperature reports
  • Wirelessly access accurate
    temperature readings
  • Keep assets at your desired
    temperature all year round

Perfect for a wide range of businesses

Don’t let temperature
fluctuations cost your business

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