Romteck’s IoT tracking systems offer industrial-grade RFID and GPS tracking solutions for long range identification and authentication of vehicles and plant, including in harsh and remote environments.

Solutions are based on the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system. Romteck RFID smart tags can record a range of sensor data including engine hours, temperature and other inputs. RFID modules can also extend the functionality of Romteck’s fuel management system to validate vehicles, GenSets, lighting towers and more.

Romteck’s RFID solutions can be utilised in almost any vehicle or plant tracking scenario. We have developed proprietary products for skip bin tracking and monitoring (Where’s Y’s Bin) and vehicle and asset tracking in remote environments (Delta Track).

Asset Tracking: Where’s Y’r Bin – Skip Locator

Where’s Y’r Bin is a skip bin asset location management system. This product combines the latest in RFID technology with GPS tracking and mobile telephony, to record and manage the placement of skip bins, however it can easily be extended to other assets and applications.

The product includes a real time dispatch management function, enabling in vehicle display of pickup and delivery addresses displayed by Google Earth map. An automated dispatch mode can prioritise dispatch based on location. The product is simple to use with no driver training required. Romteck’s long range RFID tags are designed to last, coming with a lifetime warranty and easily installed.

Skip LoaderSkip Bin Tracking Software


Vehicle Tracking: Delta Track

DeltaTrack is a fleet management system providing vehicle tracking and recording capabilities suited to harsh and remote environments. This industrial, GPS-based system utilises a variety of communication media to provide maximum coverage and the most cost-effective overall solution for operators.

DeltaTrack offers auto-switching including GSM / GPRS and 3G / HSPA. A smart vector algorithm drives reduced network costs with minimised GPS data transfer. The system creates markers based on time or distance and points of interest based on events. A black box logger can record additional data along with GPS data, including temperature, and weight/payload.


IoT Tracking Systems Case Study

Romteck has delivered IoT tracking solutions for multiple customers that required reliable systems for remote environments.

Designed and Delivered by an Expert team

Romteck’s IoT tracking solutions are delivered by a team of experts who have designed the products specifically for challenging, remote environments. Learn more about the Romteck team.

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