Our customers demand a range of options to ensure reliability within challenging and remote environments. Romteck’s fire alarm monitoring solution offers an array of networking architectures and options that can be combined in multiple ways.

Communication Groups

Romteck fire alarm monitoring systems use networking structures that can be built on a combination of four main communication groups:

  • Internet Protocol (IP) network: Connect via Ethernet (CAT5) to a Local or Wide Area Network (LAN /WAN)
  • Copper wire based network: Phone Line (PSTN) or Leased Line communications
  • Fibre optic network: Can be either Multi Mode Fibre (MMFO) or Single Mode Fibre (SMFO)
  • Radio (RF) or wireless network: VHF/UHF radios and includes mobile communications such as GSM, HSDPA, 3G and 4G

Concentrators / MUX

RM2105 – Concentrator

The Romteck RM2105 Concentrator is a purpose-designed unit specifically for direct brigade alarm monitoring of Fire Indicator Panels and sprinkler systems in small country towns, industrial complexes, mine sites, airports, military installations or institutional applications.

The RM2105 allows connection of up to 16 dedicated leased lines for connection of a maximum of 8 Romteck ASEs per line, giving the unit a capacity of up to 128 devices or buildings.

Romteck RM2105 Concentrator

Fire Alarm Monitoring Case Study

Romteck’s fire alarm monitoring systems are proven across the country in a range of environments, from remote areas to central business districts. Read the Romteck fire alarm monitoring case study.

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