Romteck’s fuel management system provides a range of options to secure and restrict the amount of fuel/fluids issued to a person or vehicle. This ensures our customers can adequately secure their assets and vehicles using a method suited to their operations and working environment.

Database Security

To augment the operating system security and provide some access restrictions, the fuel management system database requires a password to be entered to either gain access to the configuration and management, or to shut down the fuel management system data collection services. A logging system provides an audit trail of changes that occur in the FMS database. This reduces the possibility of errors or tampering with the system at any point between receipt of bulk fuel to the reconciliation.

Console Security

Romteck’s Delta fuel management system console is a microprocessor-based unit that is mounted adjacent to the fuelling point and controls access and delivery of the fuel. It consists of a user interface featuring a keypad, display and security identity tag reader. The console provides control and logging of up to 8 hose or tank transfer outlets as well as the optional communication equipment for providing information to a centralised computer system. This can be for example 3G, WiFi, or data radio.

Each fuel management system console can cater for an unlimited number of users and fuel consuming assets. Multiple fuel management system consoles can be installed at a single site and share a common communication device if required.

The fuel management system console provides a number of security access methods, and many of these can be assigned to an individual vehicle, asset or person:

  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag: any asset or vehicle can be fitted with any number of RFID tags. An RFID tag reader can read tags mounted on vehicles and other assets such as gen-sets and lighting towers from up to 30 meters, depending on the type of tag required.
  • Dallas key: The Dallas key is an extremely popular method of security, utilising a simple fob key that can be attached to a keyring or worn by your personnel.
  • Pin code / password: All Romteck consoles offer a pin code or password option. This is usually used in conjunction with either the Dallas Key or RFID tag to identify both personnel and vehicle with each transaction.
  • HID proximity card reader: There are a number of access control proximity cards on the market. Romteck offers a number of options including Indala®, Cardax and Motorola Flexpass™. A proximity card reader enables customers to integrate site access cards, gate cards or personnel identity cards with the fuel management system.
  • Biometrics finger print reader: Another access control option that provides convenient identification. Romteck offers a variety of solutions that can also be integrated with site access solutions.

Fuel Management Case Study

Romteck’s fuel management systems are used by organisations seeking greater control and security for fuel use. Read the Romteck fuel management system case study.

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Romteck’s fuel management system has been developed by our in-house team of experts who have utilised their own experience working within hazardous environments across a range of industries. Learn more about the Romteck team.

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