Mission Critical IoT Solutions for Australian Industry Leaders

Romteck is a leading Australian developer of mission and safety critical IoT solutions. Since 1986 we have been recognised experts in the development of innovative control, telemetry and monitoring systems, proudly developing solutions for any process, anywhere, and at any time.

Romteck harnesses the power of IoT to deliver enhanced value and reduce risk across diverse industries and applications. Our industrial grade telemetry, monitoring and control systems support a range essential services and processes. Our products include industry-leading IoT solutions, safety technology, fuel management systems, fire alarm monitoring systems and other applications where any failure could be life threatening.

Romteck is a preferred supplier to mining, telecommunications, emergency services and aviation companies and authorities worldwide, playing a vital role in the ongoing success of their operations. Our customers include industry-leaders such as Rio Tinto and Telstra, and peak authorities such as Airservices Australia, that rely on mission critical applications within high-risk and highly regulated industries.

We are a recognised expert in IoT product development and can offer a service incorporating any aspect of design and manufacturing. We employ highly qualified and experienced electronic and software engineers complemented with electronic production and installation specialists. And we maintain our own test and production facility that enables us to provide cost effective services for low through to high volume production, within an ISO:9001 certified facility.

The experience of our key personnel sets us apart and becomes a competitive advantage for our customers. The Romteck team combines technical, research, development, military and public sector expertise, with experience in the electronic, computing, security, mining, oil and gas, power, water and communications industries. Our flat management structure means it is these personnel who personally oversee each and every project, bringing their wealth of experience to bear for the benefit of our customers.

Today our technology is highly sought after with the integration of cloud-based mission critical IoT. This has allowed Romteck to add further value through highly scalable and streamlined applications, accessible from anywhere, at any time, via desktop, tablet and smartphone devices.

At Romteck, our motivation is to be best in class and continue to help our customers advance and grow through industry-leading solutions. To enquire about mission critical solutions for your business, contact the Romteck team today.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment. (Gartner, Inc)

The Romteck Vision

Our vision is to be considered by our clients as an IoT service provider of choice by providing innovative products and services of exceptional quality. Further, we wish to be considered by our employees as a creative, empowering and best-practice employer.

The Romteck Mission

Our mission is to instil trust and integrity through everything we do, respecting IoT best practice and excellence in designing and manufacturing superior products.