Relocatable Wireless Mesh

The Relocatable Wireless Network provides the maximum network connectivity possible in a single robust installation.

Mobile units can be placed anywhere on a mine site and easily moved as the mine site is expanded or obstructions develop.

The Relocatable Wireless Network is fully scalable and provides a huge variety of ways to interconnect a mine-site over vast landscapes

The system provides an extremely robust, scalable and secure Wireless network using standard Wireless (WiFi) protocols such as 802.11n. The WiFi protocol is integrated in the wireless mesh system which provides a self healing and dynamic routing mechanisms. The Relocatable Wireless Network will also route information via alternative network paths such as microwave and 3G.


A range of fibre optic modems, converters and control systems have been developed to allow the use of this technology not only in the Fire and Power industries but for general industrial control and communications.  Fibre optics can provide high speed environment immune communication networks in hazardous and hostile areas. Romteck products are used  extensively in the Fire industry for secure communications and in the Electricity industry to provide high isolation control systems.

Systems are available for the interconnecting of fibre and copper networks to allow effective use of existing and newer technologies. By allowing transitions between twisted pairs and fibre as well as multi-drop a very cost effective systems can be implemented.